Treatment for police dogs suffering from spodylosis

Treatment for police dogs suffering from spodylosis

New way to increase dog’s mobility and relaxation

  • Swedish Fascia Vibes is a new form of treatment of the fascia/connective tissue, which effectively and gently increases mobility and relaxation, eases pain and tension, improves circulation and increases fluid flow
  • After several years of treatment on both people and horses, Swedish Fascia Vibes has been successfully tested on dogs
  • During 2018 Atlasbalans launched a new machine, M2, specifically developed for the treatment of dogs

“Without Swedish Fascia Vibes, I doubt whether Troj had been alive today” – Angelica Fransson

The police dog Troja was helped with spondylosis

Troja has been working as a patrolling police dog since she was 4 years old. At the age of 7, she was taken out of service when she suffered from the chronic spinal disease spondylosis. Which is something that the vast majority of older dogs suffer from.

Today, Troja is over 9 years old and has been treated with Cartrophen injections at different stages. During the periods she felt worse, she was treated with Canidryl tablets. Since January 2017, she has received an injection once a month and two tablets of Canidryl per day. This was when she also became lame in the right hind leg. She could only go on very short walks of a maximum of 5 minutes, 3 times a day. More than that, she did not succeed without becoming completely lame.

At the end of March 2017, Troja got her first treatment with Swedish Fascia Vibes. After a while, the walks could be increased to 10 minutes and now, 6 months later, up to 30 minutes.

“My opinion is that the treatment with SFV has been very positive. I believe that regular treatment with Swedish Fascia Vibes can be a good way of getting dogs more agile and more durable. WIthout Swedish Fascia Vibes it’s very doubtful if Troja would have been alive today. Giving her more painkillers hasn’t been an alternative. Therefore I’m deeply appreciative for this treatment!”

– Angelica, Troja’s owner

A flexible dog feels better, as it increases its performance and recovery faster

Why does the treatment work so well?

  • New research shows that fascia has a larger impact on health and well-being than previously known
  • Fascia is a network of connective tissue, with no beginning and no end, which encapsulated all parts of the body, from muscles and skeleton, to organs and cells.
  • Fascia is responsible for more than one third of the locomotor system and is vital for both shock absorption as well as recovery and cell regeneration
  • Through Fascia treatment tensions in different areas can be reached simultaneously, the body starts functioning better and the self healing capacity is stimulated

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